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11 October 2015

Each Rice collection is defined by a smashing titel. The autumn/winter 2015 collection STAY outstanding is about remembering special moments where you felt strong, happy and able to take on the world and just be awesomely outstanding! One of those moments is when the circus come to town… For days you can see the circus posters [...]

08 October 2015

Danish brand Bloomingville introduced their very first children’s collection ‘Mini’ in ealry 2015. In the winter of 2015 they introduce even more beautiful items! The brands’ love of children and all things young and playful in its expression has resulted in a beautiful collection. Every item is made with children’s needs, wants and health in [...]

05 October 2015

The new AW15 collection by Danish interior label Sebra is inspired by life on and around the farm. Meet Jack and Jenny! Jack is often found on the red tractor busy doing farming. Jenny is the country girl with green fingers. She cultivates and grows the plants. Together they take loving care of the many [...]

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