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05 May 2015

? barefoot comfort indoors! Breathable & skin-friendly Soft leather breathes and moulds to a child's foot allowing feet to play and grow naturally without restriction. The slippers are made of ecological leather and non-toxic dyes. Soft soles provide superior indoor protection! Non-slip sole & elastic ankle Learning to walk is a challenge! The non-slip suede [...]

30 April 2015

French brand Coq en pte ditions has been collaborating with design studo Mibo on a fun kid's collection for years. In 2015 the organic brand expands its Mibo collection! New animals, such as the panda, snow leopard and zebra decorate wonderful t-shirts, rompers, backpacks,… And just like all other products, this collection is made of [...]

23 April 2015

The best concepts and product designers on the field and masterbrain Florian Berger as their captain: that’s the German design brand DONKEY! And it’s true, the team acts very ‘German’: calm, focused and a little bit stubborn. Like a donkey! Nonetheless, the fun factor is not to be undermined? Donkey See, Donkey Do The Donkeys [...]

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