Wooden box with 1000 Kapla planks

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KAPLA , sounds familiar, but what can you actually do with all those blocks? Well: the name Kapla comes from the beginning of the two words: KA bouter PLA nkjes. Unlike many other blocks, all blocks are exactly the same. The precision makes it possible to make all kinds of construction and buildings. In addition to building, you can also invent games such as Jenga or who knows, you can also play dominoes with it ... it's up to you to discover it! This wooden box on wheels contains 1000 Kapla boards , enough for a lot of artistic buildings! There are no limits on your imagination and creativity!

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Content : 1000 shelves Material : raw pine . KAPLA boards come from the 100% sustainably managed pine forests in Les Landes (South-West France). The wood used is completely natural and untreated. Dimensions : L 38.5 cm x W 38.5 cm x H 39.5 cm Dimensions shelf : L 11.2 cm x W 2.4 cm x H 0.8 cm KAPLA boards are suitable for children from 3 years. Educational value of Kapla KAPLA® is a toy but also a pedagogical tool that is often used in schools. The use of the identical loose boards, develops the ability to think in a 3-dimensional space and allows the child to discover and refine the building methods. The child develops, alone or in a group, original and complicated structures and chooses the forms according to his own creativity. This activity requires precision and fantasy at the same time. A mathematical thinking game that also appeals to logic and imagination. It is a comprehensive game, suitable for all ages. A KAPLA® builder is the creator of the transient. The creation always ends in a collapse. A lot of planks remain for building a new work of art. What counts is not the realization of anything but building itself to develop while creating.

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