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Animal costumes & accessories by Souza! (22)

Met deze sloffen aan je voeten ziet iedereen je van ver komen. Deze zachte dino pantoffels maken van jou een volwaardige t-rex, ze zijn zowel praktisch voor in de winter binnenshuis te dragen als leuk om je dino-kostuum echt af te maken!De 'scherpe' nagels geven je meteen een zalige, stoere look.

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Zachte Tyrannosaurus sloffen met zachte dino huid en 'scherpe' blinkende nagels van Souza for Kids. Zowel praktisch voor in de winter binnenshuis te dragen als leuk om je dinokostuum helemaal af te maken. Verkrijgbaar in 3 verschillende maten.Maten: 25/27 - 28/30 - 31/33-Souza for Kids! beschikt over een bijzonder uitgebreide collectie verkleedkostuums en accessoires die kinderen laat stralen. Met veel fantasie zorgen zij ervoor dat elke verkleedpartij een feestje wordt en dat dromen tot leven komen.

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SOUZA FOR KIDS –   Step into the enchanting and colorful world of Souza for Kids, a brand synonymous with fantasy and elegance for little adventurers and young dreamers. Here, every costume , accessory , and makeup product is a gateway to a world where imagination reigns supreme! The Souza for Kids costumes: Indian, princess, golden cape, Tyrannosaurus costume... With their ultra-stylish products, the brand transforms every moment into a magical adventure. From the shimmering golden cape to captivating accessories, each piece is a blend of creativity and brilliance. Whether it's for a birthday or just for fun, The Little Zebra's Souza for Kids costumes are must-haves for every child. The Tyrannosaurus costumes add a touch of adventure, while the tiaras and Indian headdresses evoke fairy tales. Each item, meticulously designed, invites you on a journey into the imagination. How does Souza for Kids brand sizing work? Choosing the right size at The Little Zebra is child's play. The costumes , designed to be as comfortable as they are trendy, fit perfectly for different ages and sizes. Whether you opt for a wizard cape or a princess outfi t, each garment is designed to grow with the child. The girls' shoes, available in a variety of sizes, complete each outfit with elegance. Sizes are clearly marked, ensuring a perfect fit and memorable playtime. Discover the magic of Souza for Kids makeup at The Little Zebra! Souza for Kids makeup transforms every child into a dream character. Hypoallergenic and easy to apply, it adds a touch of magic to every costume . From fairy faces to fierce warriors , the makeup is an essential complement to bring every fantasy to life. The range of colors and accessories allows for unlimited creativity, making each dressing-up experience unique and adorable. The world of Souza for Kids: costumes, girls' shoes, Indian headdress... Souza for Kids accessories are the finishing touch to every costume. From sparkling swords to magic wands , each piece adds an extra dimension to playtime. The golden capes and glittering tiaras allow for captivating stories, while the Indian headdresses and elegant shoes add a touch of realism to every adventure. These carefully selected accessories guarantee an immersive experience and unforgettable memories.
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