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A single balance bike for every stage! The Trybike 2-in-1 Vintage Pink has beige tires, as well as a brown saddle and handles. It can be used from 15 months (up to 2.5 years) as a tricycle for your child's first rides, and then from 2 years to 6 years as a balance bike to learn balance.

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Agefrom 18 months
BikesBike 3 wheels

THE 2-IN-1 CONCEPT With the Trybike Steel you get 2 bikes in 1. The right bike for every stage in a child's development. QUALITY For the Trybike Steel, the best materials and tested parts were chosen. Spoked wheels with pneumatic tires, smooth quality ball bearings, the strongest steel for the axles and a ball head with ball bearings. SMALL TURNING CIRCLE A major misunderstanding is that walking bikes must not have too large a steering angle and therefore have a huge turning circle. You often see children lifting the handlebars in a tight corner. Trybike has made the turning circle as small as possible. This is very useful, especially in the initial phase. CONVENIENT CONTROL DISK With the unique control disk at the rear wheel you create the perfect setting for the level and skills of each child. The control disk makes it possible to set the Trybike Steel even lower or higher and you can make the wheelbase longer or shorter. UNIQUE FOOTREST The Trybike Steel has a unique footrest that helps children learn to balance even better. Learning to ride a bicycle with pedals is a breeze after this and training wheels are no longer necessary. GIVE YOUR TRYBIKE STEAL YOUR OWN LOOK Each Trybike Steel comes with 2 sticker sheets with many options to make your Trybike Steel the way you want. The sticker sheets are made of thick, durable vinyl with UV laminate, so that each sticker is resistant to rain, wind and sunlight and will not fade. ERGONOMICS There are several tricycle bikes on the market but none of them have the right dimensions and proportions. The small cheap balance bikes with 8 or 10 inch wheels are so small that they will only last 3-6 months before your child has grown out again. Other large three-wheeled bicycles have the wrong proportions, so that children come up against the long rear axle with their heels. The saddle height is adjustable from 30 to 45 cm. SHARP PRICE The suggested retail price may seem like a lot, but your child will receive something for which he or she will participate for 5 years and for which you would otherwise have to buy 3 products. SIMPLE DESIGN When Trybike designed the bike, they took into account the simplest possible design. The front axle and short rear axle are the same and simple, so without too many rings, vans and other unnecessary parts. The long rear axle is also very simple but made of the strongest steel there is. In short, simple and therefore so robust. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE As an importer with over 10 years of experience with balance bikes, the developer of Trybike was not satisfied with the quality, functionality and pricing of many bikes. The people behind Trybike have combined all their experience into the perfect balance bike. SUSTAINABLE The Trybike is extremely durable due to the well thought-out design, the method of production and the choice of materials used. In addition, all parts are available separately from Trybike and the Trybike can always be repaired if something is lost or broken. That makes the Trybike really sustainable. AGE INDICATION Tricycle: from around 15 months up to and including 2.5 years Two-wheeler: from approximately 2 years to approximately 6 years GUARANTEE 2 years CHARACTERISTICS Europe, CE and EN71 quality mark Australia and New Zealand ISO 8124 TIPS Tip 1: Regularly check that all parts are still tight and not damaged. In particular the handlebars, saddle and nuts of the wheels. Tip 2: The Trybike Steel is not suitable for outdoor storage, therefore our advice: play outdoors and store indoors. Tip 3: Save the Trybike for your next child or give it to another. After all, that is really sustainable. Tip 4: If your child is very large, small or agile, use the control disc settings to tune the Trybike Steel even better to your child. Tip 5: The Trybike is the best balance bike for children with a disability or with a less developed sense of balance. Tip 6: No more training wheels for your next bike! The next step is learning to ride a bicycle with pedals. Without training wheels, because you no longer need that if you started with a Trybike.

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