The Countries of Europe

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Go for playing fun for the whole family and get to know the whole of Europe at the same time. Travel kris scratch through the 51 European countries. So many countries, cities, flags ... no wonder that tourists are slowly losing the overview. The players help them orient themselves by guessing where the tourists are currently located. The earlier the correct country is guessed, the more points it will earn. Whoever knows Europe best and is the first to travel around the board with his / her tourist is the winner.

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Agefrom 8 years

Fun knowledge game from HABA 'Countries of Europe' to discover playing Europe with a variant for Europe experts ... a wildly fun knowledge game for little world travelers. Material: wood, cardboard Age: from 8 years - Attention, not suitable for children younger than 3 years. Language of the game manual: English, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Spanish Number of players: 2 - 4 people Play time: approximately 20 minutes Content: 4 game figures tourists, 1 game board, 4 overview cards with flags, 76 playing cards (51 country cards, 16 reply cards, 8 risk cards, 1 looking-forbidden card), 1 game manual. Short instructions: • Place the game board in the middle of the table, distribute an overview card with flags, a playing figure and the matching answer and risk cards with the same color. • Mix 51 country cards and place them next to the game board as a hidden pile with the viewing-forbidden card. • The challenger takes the top country map and gives directions about the country you are looking for. Fellow players lay the appropriate response card and use it if necessary. risk cards. • Was the country guessed? Depending on the number of necessary instructions, a maximum of four fields should go forward. • If a player moves on or past the starting square with his figure, finish the round until the starting player. Whoever comes the furthest wins the game.

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