Tassel garland - green

Tassel garland - green

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My little day


Beautiful do-it-yourself pendulum with various colorful brushes. Great to decorate birthday parties, baptisms, graduation parties or weddings. This pendulum immediately gives a magical effect to any occasion. It takes about half an hour to put the pendulum together.

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Product reference : MLD-TASSELVER


Nice pendulum to make yourself and hang on. Dimensions: length 4.2 m, height 30 cm Colors: shimmering silver and various shades of green Material: 20 paper brushes 1. Separate the pre-cuts. 2. Lay the paper flat on the table, with the long side facing you. 3. Make a fold in the middle and then continue folding from the side facing you. The fold must have the width of the thin strands at the ends. 4. Continue this until you have a long strip. 5. Carefully turn the center of the brush. 6. Now that the brush is finished, he can use the rope. It must hang in the middle. 7. Turn the brush a little and tape around it. Then he hangs. The instructions are also on the back of the package. Dorotheé and Gabriella founded My Little Day in 2010. They wanted to organize a colorful and tasteful party for children, but they couldn't find the right things. Then they blew life into a cool party shop . They soon also designed their own collections. Elegant and playful party supplies, for young and old, that cannot be found in other collections.

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