Street Onyx Solid Satin MIPS Helmet

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Sometimes a solid black helmet is all you need! Head protection while cycling, scooting and skating go hand in hand with style thanks to this matte cycling helmet with excellent protection from the Street collection by Nutcase.

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Street cycling helmet Onyx Solid Satin MIPS is a new generation GEN 4 cycling helmet from Nutcase, equipped with the patented MIPS Brain Protection System. ✔ Excellent fit thanks to the soft padding, rotating ring and adjustable side straps ✔ Increased visibility thanks to the reflective details on the straps and helmet itself ✔ Light in weight & tough matte finish ✔ Magnetic closure that opens and closes quickly ✔ Extra protection against rotational force thanks to the leading MIPS system in the helmet ✔ Cooling thanks to several ventilation holes What is MIPS? This is an extra, yellow protection inside the helmet. The patented design has been developed and extensively tested in Sweden and consists of an extra layer in the helmet that moves with your head and allows a small movement between the helmet and your head so that the impact is better absorbed in the event of a fall. This unique system makes the Nutcase helmets even safer than they already are. So only top! The magnetic closure has also been improved and is super easy to use. Thanks to the soft padding, this Nutcase helmet is very pleasant to wear. A comfortable fit is top priority for a safe cycling helmet and this example scores more than 10 out of 10. Keep your head cool! The carefully designed ventilation holes increase the airflow to your head while cycling, stepping and skating. Available in 3 sizes: Small (head circumference 52cm-56cm) Medium (head circumference 56cm-60cm) Large (head circumference 60cm-64cm) _ Helmets boring and boring? That is not included in NUTCASE . If you are looking for a good, safe and fun bicycle helmet for your baby, toddler, child or yourself, you will soon come to this wonderful brand. The 'I love my brain' bicycle helmets offer optimal protection. The helmets are comfortable and come in many designs. Sometimes they are like little works of art. Finally a helmet that you want to wear. Wherever you live, no matter how old you are or what kind of bike you ride, whether you are taking a ride on your balance bike for the first time or cruising through the city every day. Nutcase has a helmet that fits your head and your soul.

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