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Great Pretenders


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BAM! Met deze superheld maskers ben je meteen vertrokken voor een bangelijk feestje.Wil je graag een superhelden themafeestje? Bekijk dan zeker de rest van de Great Pretenders feestcollectie. Power to the party!

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Set van 8 maskers in 4 verschillende designs uit de Superheld feestcollectie van Great Pretenders, ideaal om aan je gasten uit te delen en meteen in de mood te zijn voor een lekkere pannenkoek of heerlijk speelmoment onder elkaar. De maskers zijn uniek, superstoer en afgewerkt met schitterende koperfolie.Afmetingen: tussen de 14 en 16 cmBekijk zeker de rest van de superhero collectie met bijpassende borden, servetten, slingers en bekers voor een stoer en onvergetelijk feestje.

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GREAT PRETENDERS –  Role-playing makes the world more understandable for children. So, a costume party stimulates children's social and emotional development . It's the perfect outlet to express their feelings and fears. What's next in the Great Pretenders fairy tale? Explore all the costumes from this Canadian brand and let their fairy tale continue to live on in your imagination! Discovering Great Pretenders: the realm of dress-up Born in the heart of Canada , Great Pretenders is the go-to brand for those looking to ignite their children's imaginations. Each costume , each accessory is designed for little ones to transform into true characters of tales and adventures. From the fire-breathing dragon to the gentle ocean mermaid, and the valiant knight , every child will find the costume that allows them to live their dreams. Great Pretenders costumes for all adventures: pirate, knight, princess... Whether your little one wants to become a pirate of the seven seas, a brave knight, or even a police officer ready to maintain order, Great Pretenders has what they need. The brand offers a diverse range of costumes , from the classic princess dress to dazzling dragon capes . Each costume is crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail. Add the finishing touch with Great Pretenders jewelry! A costume wouldn't be complete without the accessories and jewelry that accompany it. Great Pretenders understands this well by offering a variety of accessories as fascinating as they are varied. Crowns , hats , jewelry , hairpins , stick-on earrings , not to mention temporary tattoos and stickers that add a touch of fantasy to every outfit. Each piece is designed to perfectly complement each costume . More than just costumes: an invitation to dream! With Great Pretenders, the costume becomes a true invitation to dream. Capes , wings , gloves , and swords are all elements that allow every child to fully immerse themselves in their character. And what about the stuffed animals that become loyal adventure companions or the candles that illuminate the most wonderful stories? At The Little Zebra, we are proud to offer you this exceptional brand, ensuring unforgettable moments for your children.
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