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Koa Koa


This DIY craft set will give your child an amazing experience: you put yourself in the skin of animals and see the world just like them! You will understand that our sight is not the same, and that we have even lost a certain direction.

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Product reference : KOA004

Make animal glasses with this scientific building set from the French brand KOA KOA . An original, interesting optical game. An amazing experience between science and imagination! How does it work? Safety glasses are included in this educational kit. You have to assemble a box in which you can put different optical lenses and mirrors to change the view. You will be able to experience the following optical illusions: Insect vision through a kaleidoscope Looking up: an animal - such as a snail - whose eyes are above its head Looking like fishing: looking down Feeling like an eagle overseeing everything Everything can be viewed from both sides at the same time, such as a horse What are you going to learn? The role of the brain in vision Binocular vision: why do we have two eyes? The difference in vision between prey and predator How science is inspired by the animal world (bionics) What can you find in the kit? Safety glasses, optical lenses, mirrors, screws, nuts, rubber bands, brochures. An illustrated manual, with the educational explanation of the visual functions, binocular vision and animal vision. Each kit includes a clear manual illustrated in 5 languages: a step-by-step explanation with beautiful illustrations pedagogical explanation of the theme in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch Size: 27cm x 18cm x 5cm Origin: European Union, finished at   ESAT in Normandy (sheltered workshop) _ KOA KOA and De Kleine Zebra are a great match. This creative company has a mission: they want to teach children to think creatively and imaginatively. The educational DIY sets let your children discover the joy of making and stimulate the imagination. Build your own toys with basics of mechanics and science. All building sets are produced locally in Europe and assembled by people with disabilities.

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