Scientific Game - Electricity Kit - The Lamp

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Koa Koa


Little scientists will love this building set from the French company Koa Koa. The box contains everything you need to build your own flashlight and understand the basics of electricity. You will discover the electrical components to build an electrical circuit. Ideal for learning to understand the mysteries of electricity in a playful way. Finally a lamp that doesn't hide its wires in a black box, but makes them light up!

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Make a flashlight with this educational and scientific building set from KOA KOA . Start by sorting the different parts: lamp, cables, switch. Once assembled, the lamp is more than a toy: you will really be able to use it for nighttime reading and all your adventures in the dark. Top gift for small makers from 8 years old! What are you going to learn? Assemble a basic electrical circuit and identify its components The difference between the open/close circuit and the switch The formation of electric current. AC / DC What's in a battery? Atoms: free electrons, protons, neutrons What can you find in the kit? Wooden elements, electrical parts, cables, switch, battery box, light bulb, protective bell, rubber bands, screws, nuts. Each kit includes a clear manual illustrated in 5 languages: a step-by-step explanation with beautiful illustrations pedagogical explanation of the theme in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch Recommended age: from 8 years Duration of activity/crafting: about 40 minutes Dimensions: 27 cm x 18 cm x 5 cm Origin: European Union, finished at   ESAT in Normandy (sheltered workshop) _ KOA KOA and De Kleine Zebra are a great match. This creative company has a mission: they want to teach children to think creatively and imaginatively. The educational DIY sets let your children discover the joy of making and stimulate the imagination. Build your own toys with basics of mechanics and science. All building sets are produced locally in Europe and assembled by people with disabilities.

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