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Nothing is more wonderful than putting on open sandals during the hot summer days. The cutouts on the heel, tip and sides keep the feet fresh. The perfect addition to any fun summer outfit! This pair of Bobux kids sandals are available in different colors so that you are sure to find your favorite.

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The Driftwood Slate summer shoes are sandals made of soft quality leather for optimal comfort. The double straps ensure that the shoe opens completely so that you can easily put them on and off. Suitable for slender, medium and wide feet. Bobux divides his shoes into different phases, from crawling to running, jumping ... It seems that children want to run as soon as they can walk. And once they run, it doesn't take long before they love to jump, dance and climb. Bobux 's KID + range is a perfect match for all those new activities and is specially designed for older children aged 3 to 8. Material: 100% leather exterior and cotton lining - flexible TPR sole. How to choose the right size in 5 simple steps: Put your little sprout on a sheet of paper Go with a pen around both feet Measure the length of the feet just drawn Take the size of the largest foot as a reference Read the correct size in the table (found in the photos). Kid + shoes have a red label K +

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Bobux - Bobux International Ltd was formed in January 1991 when New Zealand designers Chris and Colleen Bennett launched a unique, innovative and new category of soft soled leather shoes for children under their brand, Bobux. Bobux baby shoes are made from soft natural Eco-leather - safer for your baby and the environment. They are recommended by Pediatricians as the perfect footwear for children under two. The soft leather upper and suede leather sole allow the feet to function properly and grow without restrictions. A unique elastic system makes Bobux easy to slip on and they stay on!
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