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Natursutten teats with round cherry shape imitate the shape of mommy's nipple. This gives babies the same familiar feeling as they experience during breastfeeding. This natural rubber tutje can therefore be perfectly used in combination with breastfeeding. It is light, wonderfully soft and of the best quality.

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Lovely soft pacifier from Natursutten with a round cherry shape , made from 100% natural rubber. The name Natursutten actually means natural sucking and that is noticeable. This teat mimics sucking on the nipple like no other. Natursutten tutjes are made by hand in Italy and are velvety soft ! That's because these pacifiers are made from the first sap of the rubber tree ... this makes them nice and light yellow in color and softer than many other natural rubber teats. They are also softer than silicone pacifiers. In addition, they are very hygienic because they are cast in one piece and there are no edges or seams that dirt and bacteria cannot hide behind. The benefits of the Natursutten pacifiers: 100% pure natural rubber from the first sap of the rubber tree soft and supple for baby's face - no prints after sleeping hygienic - without seams - so no chance of bacteria unisex design with ventilation holes that prevent the tutje vacuum from being sucked on your baby's face sustainably produced in Italy free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colors This pacifier has a round skin and is suitable for babies from 0-6 months (size S), 6-12 months (size M) or 12+ months (size L). Packed in a nice cheerful box. Made in Italy in accordance with the legal EU guidelines.

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