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The Belgian designers of Quut have reinvented a few classics for the bath as well as the beach. Have you met StarFish?

The Star and Fish Magic Shapers are a revolutionary improvement to a classic toy. No more filling and flipping sand. To fill, move the shaper around as it automatically fills itself! Then just give it a little tap, lift and magic…the shape is done. The iconic star or fish design is now ready for play. Kids can add eyes and a mouth to make it come alive.

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And your StarFish shapers will work their magic in the snow or with bath bubbles too! The spherical shape is perfectly suited to a child’s small hands, and its soft-touch finish is easy to grab and manipulate. Of course, both pieces click together for easy storage and are super easy to clean so they stay fun and safe to use year after year.

With every new product Quut strives to reinvent the existing toys on the market today. By making them better, smarter and more durable Quut wants to increase their lifespan and their fun factor at the beach as well as in the bath.

Size: 16 x 16 x 4 cm

Material: PP

All products are BPA, Phthalates and latex free, are recyclable and have a 0+ age grading.


Quut StarFish from Quut Toys on Vimeo.

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Quut was born in the kitchen of PARS PRO TOTO, a comprehensive and well-regarded Belgian design agency with more than 18 years of experience in designing and engineering innovative products and attractive brands. The integrated team of 12 has designed other successful juvenile products and has received many design awards. They also have a total of 24 kids, giving them first-hand experience in poor quality beach toys that offer no emotional connection. So they decided to make their own… real, durable, clever designs that offer fun and beauty for kids and parents to enjoy. And they’ll stay committed to designing and developing new beach toys for your family to enjoy – one new product each and every year.