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Souza for Kids


Make a princess dress yourself? It's possible with this handy DIY 'Make your own dress' set from Souza for Kids! With this you can easily get started on creating your own creation. Nice to do with your daughter or to put some of yourself in her new princess dress.

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Agefrom 6 years

DIY 'Make your own dress' set to make a beautiful Souza for Kids! Dress for your little princess. Contents box: 3 strips of tulle in different shades of pink, 1 ribbon, 1 elastic band, Souza label and a floral corsage. Suitable for children from 6 years. Souza for kids! has a particularly extensive collection of costumes and accessories that make children shine. With a lot of imagination, they ensure that every dress-up party becomes a party and that dreams come to life.

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Souza for Kids - Souza for Kids was founded in 1998. It specializes in designing safe and imaginative costumes and accessories for kids. The costumes allow children to dress themselves and the majority of the items are made from 100% cotton which is durable and easily washable. The selection of colors and interesting details make the costumes and accessories attractive for kids. Safety is considered in the design of the garments that features cordless and elastic closures.