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It seems that as soon as kids can walk, they want to run. Once they’re running it won’t be long until they’re adding jumping, skipping, kicking and climbing to the mix. The KID+ range is about meeting the needs of these additional activities. With Bobux, foot health expertise in every shoe is a given. Add to that styling designed to speak to both parent and child and you have a winning formula.

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The Nomad Boot features a funky lace wrap-around detailing with zipper closure. The upper is a textured embossed leather and the boots are lined with soft, breathable wool. This is a fantastic boot choice for this fall and winter!

The Kid + range extends sizing out to size 33 in select styles. Like the bobux I-walk shoes, Kid+ are designed for active kids that want function and style in their shoes. Like all Bobux shoes, foot health is of primary consideration in designing the Kid+ line.

How the measure your child’s foot!
Follow this 4 Step measuring instruction:
*Ask your child to stand on a piece of paper
*Draw around both feet with a ball point/pencil
*With a ruler, measure the length of booth foot outlines
*Write down the measurements and use the longest foot

Open the Bobux Fit Wizard (see images) and indicate the length. Read the corresponding size in the chart. Kid+ sizes are in the orange column. Shoes are designed in the EU size system. Use the size conversion guide to find the global shoe size.

Width packaging (cm)Height packaging (cm)Depth packaging (cm)Weight packaging (cm)
Bobux - Bobux International Ltd was formed in January 1991 when New Zealand designers Chris and Colleen Bennett launched a unique, innovative and new category of soft soled leather shoes for children under their brand, Bobux. Bobux baby shoes are made from soft natural Eco-leather - safer for your baby and the environment. They are recommended by Pediatricians as the perfect footwear for children under two. The soft leather upper and suede leather sole allow the feet to function properly and grow without restrictions. A unique elastic system makes Bobux easy to slip on and they stay on!
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