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Souza for Kids

Welcome in the Souza for kids! fairytale (86)

The tough Indian Taregan plays all day in his Tipi wigwam! Cool Indian suit by Souza! finished with beautiful details.

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The Taregan Indian suit is made of strong fabric of 100% cotton and has a beautiful embroidery. The cotton trousers with buttonhole elastic ensure that the size is easy to adjust. The top has a faux fur accent on the shoulders. This outfit is beautiful in combination with the Indian tournaments from our collection! From princess to mermaid. From fireman to dragon or pirate. Welcome to the world of Souza! A world full of cheerful children's accessories and high-quality costumes and with an eye for detail. Souza wants to encourage children to enrich their creative minds and imagination from an early age and thus make the world a little more beautiful! A must have for every costume. The Taregan Indian outfit is suitable for children of: - 3-4 years with a body length of 98-104 cm.

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Souza for Kids - Souza for Kids was founded in 1998. It specializes in designing safe and imaginative costumes and accessories for kids. The costumes allow children to dress themselves and the majority of the items are made from 100% cotton which is durable and easily washable. The selection of colors and interesting details make the costumes and accessories attractive for kids. Safety is considered in the design of the garments that features cordless and elastic closures.
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