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Wheely Bug


Fluffy Wheely Bug pluche (9)

This hedgehog cover can be combined with the black Wheely Bug body. You can also purchase this black body and covers separately (if you already have a black Wheely Bug and want to switch covers to give your child a 'new' bug to ride). If this is your first purchase, we recommend getting a package (body and cover together) which is more cost-effective.

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Product reference : WBHEDGE

Agefrom 1 year
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The Wheely Bug is designed in Australia and is crowned with several international awards, among 'Best Australian Toy' or 'Good Toy'.The Wheely Bug is very safe and easy to handle for girls and boys alike age 1 to 5.The animal shaped seats are an eyecatcher and children are quickly attracted by the design of the Wheely bugs.The four turning wheels allow movement in any direction. Wheely Bugs promote gross motor skills from which all higher learning evolves.
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