Eco-friendly disposable diapers Bambo Nature Maxi (7-14kg) - 48pc

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Bambo Nature


Go for the best and choose these natural Bambo Nature diapers. They carry the strict Nordic Eco label because they are free from optical whiteners, perfumes, lotions, creams and other harmful chemicals ... which means they have less risk of allergic reactions and those terrible red legs. A responsible choice: for your child and for the planet.

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Bambo Nature Maxi are environmentally friendly and sustainable diapers for toddlers and preschoolers from 7 to 14 kg . These eco diapers are dermatologically tested and made from FSC certified wood. They are flexible and ultra-thin, yet have a high absorption capacity and feature a unique maximum breathable exterior that allows the skin to breathe and prevents red bottoms. The package contains 48 pieces. Environmentally friendly - not only the best for the little one, but also good for the environment. Skin-friendly - unique maximum breathable film retains urine while allowing air to pass through. Sleep-friendly - special TopDry layer keeps the baby's legs dry for an extra long time, so that the baby can sleep through the night. This material quickly absorbs urine and neutralizes the urine odor. For an extra long dry and fresh feeling. Perfect fixation - the adhesive strips of the Bambo Nature ensure the perfect fixation and comfortable fit. The tapes can be used multiple times. Super soft and flexible - the Bambo Nature diapers from Abena have a special non-woven layer on the outside as well as on the inside. This makes the diapers feel super soft. Breathable - the highly breathable AirPlus foil prevents a sweltering feeling. This unique foil prevents leaks, but allows the warm air to escape. Safe - provided with the strict Nordic Ecolabel, which is the Scandinavian quality mark for sustainable products, which makes them safe and sustainable. If you want the best for your little one but also for nature, then the Bambo Nature products are really something for you! An ideal alternative if you take nature and the environment into account, but washing and drying washable diapers and wipes is just too much of a hassle. The new generation of eco-friendly disposable diapers and Bambo Nature leg wipes carry the Nordic Ecolabel - which is the Scandinavian label for sustainable products - which makes them not only sustainable but also completely safe.

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