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Looking for a soft and safe cuddly doll for your baby? This tetra cuddly doll Sisco is - just like the rest of the Hoppa dolls - made of natural materials. It's a cute little gnome with a long nightcap and the wool head absorbs the smell of home. This tetra cuddle doll is a dream friend for your sweetheart to cherish for years and find security every time.

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Product reference : HOP-SI-MUS 600


The gray cuddly doll Sisco tetra is a Hoppa rag doll and instant favorite doll . Unique to the Hoppa dolls is that they have a wool hood. This natural material absorbs the odor from home and reassures your little one when he has to go to sleep or go to daycare. The muslin tetra cotton breathes and softens after every wash. You can easily attach a tut to the pin cap. Lost your hug? Babylonia has a spare of every model, so that reassures you. The Hoppa first cuddly toys are lovingly made by hand in a fair trade workshop . In addition, they only contain natural materials and are finished with non-toxic colors. Sisco the gnome is available in a wide range of colors. Dimensions: 20 x 23 cm - Sisco is 20 cm long, from head to toe without a hat. His hat is 18 cm long. Head is 5.5 cm deep Material: 100% organic cotton - wool head (absorbs the familiar scent of home) Washing instructions: hand wash, no ironing, no tumble dryer

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Do you know Hoppa? Hoppa is a unique collection of handmade cuddle dolls made in natural materials. The toy heads are filled with lambswool, a natural product which absorbs scents quickly: mom’s and dad’s scent, the scent of home and all things the baby feels safe and secure with. The Hoppa doll becomes an indispensable and inseperable best friend! A lot of attention has been paied to the toy designs and used metarials. Peppa toys are alle manufactured in fair trade. This means that all items are produced with honest trading relationships with the producers and that workers are guarenteed a fair wage. Furthermore, Babylonia ensures that materials are locally produced, so that the entire local economy can benefit.