Colourful Wishbone Bike Seatcover

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Wishbone Bike

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What's your favourite colour?Unleash your personality with a gorgeous wishbone seatcover. Made from silicone, the Wishbone seatcovers fit neatly over your wishbone bike seatpad for a colourful, durable ride.

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Available in Yellow, pink, red, green and blue.

Did you know that silicone is non toxic, non stick, stays clean, water repellent, flame retardent, UV resistant, super strong, long lasting, lightweight,fully recyclable? Amazing stuff

Size: 9x24,5cm

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The story of Whishbone Design Studio starts in 2005 in New York with Rich and Jen. The first Whishbone bike was born out of wanting to give their kids a taste of the childhood they had, back in the days in New Zealand when the gras was long, the air was fresh and the folks weren't always watching.That's why they challenged themselfs to create design that transform your experience, reduce overall consuption, deliver a positive environmental outcome, and bring people together.Using a good measure of natural and recyclable materials, Wishbone Bike utterly reorganises when and how a kid learns to ride.In a single bow, it replaces multiple products that you could have bought, ridden, broken and throw out between ages 1 and 5.
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