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Safety first! These reflective clips from Cloby are super handy and are really love savers when you're out and about with your little one (s). They are black on one side and gray on the other - plus they are also reflective, nice and safe - you can turn them around and choose which side you show, so they always fit and hold everything in place.

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Product reference : CBY-CRF1-BLA

Multifunctional - and indispensable - set of 2 handy Cloby black gray clips . Compatible with any kind of pram, car seat, ... The clip contains 2 magnets and has a reflective coating. With these clips you can attach your toys, covers or a small bag to your pram, car seat or turn your tetra cloth into a bib, attach a swaddle cloth, etc. ... so, it is a giant functional item and an indispensable baby item for your birth list. And because they reflect, they provide extra visibility when you walk on the road with your child. You can also attach them to your child's bookbag or bicycle, handy on top! Dimensions: folded 10 x 6 cm Material: leather and canvas, with magnet _ Cloby is a Dutch brand that designs and develops functional products for hip parents and children you want to be seen with. The founders - Suzanne & Veroniek - have traveled the world and lived all over the world with their young children, the experiences and inspiration they gained at that time are now incorporating them into each of their products and making your life easier while you head out with you mini adventurers. Enjoy the ride!

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