Blooming Belly: foaming face cleanser - Argan - 150 ml

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Hold that 'pregnancy glow' even after the birth. Clean and care for your face with the PH-neutral facial cleanser from Attitude. This naturally foaming facial cleanser has been designed with young mums and the planet in mind. It only contains natural, hypoallergenic and worry-free ingredients.

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Blooming Belly natural facial cleanser based on argan oil, from Attitude. Argan oil is a rich antioxidant that has long been known for its nourishing and hydrating properties and its ability to prevent skin infections. Content: 150 ml Suggested use: Wet your face and neck with warm water and gently massage the product in for a gentle cleansing. Rinse thoroughly. Finish cleansing by rinsing your neck and face with cold water to optimally hydrate and firm the skin. ____ Attitude offers a whole line of ecological care products for the whole family. Beautiful on the outside and on the inside, but above all sweet and harmless for our precious planet. They also work CO2 neutral by compensating for the CO2 that is released during production and transport by planting trees. Certainly worth exploring!

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