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Along with the new name, the Done by Deer collection received a complete makeover! Helene Hjorth, designer and creative mind at Done by Deer, changed  the brand’s name from Silly U  to Done by Deer.  The name isn’t chosen randomly, Helene’s last name ‘Hjorth’ is Danish for ‘Deer’!The Happy Home 2015 collection contains modern design pieces for the children’s room according to the latest trends! Fresh pastel colours and a very hip ‘Contour’ collection.Helene designs are friendly items that both spark the imagination of kids and are a stylish eye-catcher in the house. She’s inspired by the latest trends as well as everyday life with children. Done by Deer stands for design that stimulate the child’s senses and development with materials, colour combinations, and details that little fingers and eyes love to explore.The children’s room is not only a place for sleeping but also the kid’s favourite playground. And not only the kid’s favourite, but also photographers, Done by Deer designers, stylists and many others. Have a look behind the scene of the latest Done by Deer photo shooting!http://youtu.be/ObPywpnjbcUCurious about the result of this photo shooting? Check out these fun photo’s and discover Done by Deer at The Little Zebra![oqeygallery id=30]