Trend spotted: New Nostalgia!

New technology is racing by and we are trying to keep up with it. The internet connects us to every part of the world at all times. But every now and then, a nostalgic feeling makes us long for a simpler time, when our parents and grandparents grew up and its aesthetics and values. This season Present Time unites these two worlds and blends in the old with the new.New Nostalgia is this season's new trend and the basis of the new autumn/winter 2014/2015 collection. Harmony is the keyword! Borders between old and new, feminine and masculine, handmade and the artificial have been blended together. In this theme materials are just as important as colours.Dare to mix and match in the most extreme way. Play with combining prints of blended layers, graphical shapes, natural colours and grey tones.  Let the materials rule to create a New Nostalgia look that will speak for itself!Get started create your own New Nostalgia interior with the new Present Time collection![oqeygallery id=25]