Trend spotted: cardboard furniture!


A cradle made of cardboard? Dare to say YES!

It’s beautiful, safe, warm and eco- friendly! The cradle is just the start of a bigger success story…

Green Lullaby creates innovated children’s furniture, storage and play items made entirely of cardboard and adapted to the vibrant kid’s universe. The products are smart, lightweight, easy to assemble and use and they provide hours of fun for both parents and children!Cradles, benches and tables by Green Lullaby are produced in a fair-trade factory in Israel and comply with international standards for safety. The furniture is re-usable, sustainable and easy to move around and store away.All Green Lullaby items are made of over 60% recycled pulp. The used paint is water based and non-toxic. The products are recyclable and bio-degradable and moreover protected by a ‘green’ non-toxic fire retardant.Say YES to this innivative eco brand! Shop here.[oqeygallery id=50]