Tips: a tidy house with children!


Life with kids is a joyful mess, but that doesn't mean your living space has to look like a battlefield! The Little Zebra, your partner in style and organization, presents you with foolproof tips for a home that's both trendy and tidy, even with toys scattered everywhere. Let's dive in!

1 | The modern parent's ally: a BIG storage bag

For families on the go, Play & Go storage bags from Play & Go are a blessing. Easy to use, they transform into a play mat and allow for quick and efficient storage. A perfect choice for those less obsessed with tidiness, these bags combine functionality and fun. Quick storage without compromising style? It's possible!

play and go storage bag

2 | A play teepee: a magical and clever corner ;-)

For fans of organized chaos, the play teepee is a brilliant find. It hides toys in an instant while adding a bohemian and elegant touch to your living room. It's as if the play corner turns into a decorative element! Imagine a teepee where the Christmas tree used to be – magical, right?

3 | A small desk: learning organization while having fun

Cleaning up can be a game too! With a lovely wooden desk from Plan Toys, your child will learn to organize their belongings after every creative session. And for storage, nothing beats Liewood systems and Grech & Co and Gabrielle Paris storage pouches. Practical and stylish solutions that make tidying up a pleasure.

plan toys desk

The Wherever I Go pouches from Grech & Co are spacious, made of ultra-resistant material, and have the unique feature of staying upright without collapsing. They are perfect for keeping craft supplies organized and within reach. The large pouches from Gabrielle Paris, on the other hand, offer a light and slightly cute touch. Made of delicate fabric, they add subtle charm to your child's desk while keeping their belongings neatly organized. A perfect choice for an organized workspace that's always stylish ;-)


4 | Fabric storage baskets... a must!

The cotton or wool baskets from Lorena Canals are more than just storage; they are true decorative objects. They hide your little one's treasures while beautifying your living room. A tidy and tastefully decorated home is every parent's dream, isn't it?

storage basket

5 | The washable rug: a revolution for parents

Imagine a soft, warm, and oh-so-cute rug on which your little ones can play carefree. Lorena Canals offers just that: comfortable wool rugs, and the best part is they are machine washable! These rugs are lifesavers, especially after those overly creative play afternoons. Cleaning becomes child's play, literally. You save time, peace of mind, and style - what more could you ask for?

washable lorena canals rug

6 | The storage chest: a versatile essential

Mess? Forget about it! The Bloomingville storage baskets from Bloomingville, beloved by The Little Zebra, are the solution. For older kids, a Northern wall shelf from Bloomingville encourages self-sufficiency in tidying up. These solutions add a touch of sophistication to your interior. Transform chaos into charm in the blink of an eye!

bloomingville storage

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7 | Stackable storage crates: pro-level organization

Every toy has its place with Ferm Living and Kidsdepot storage boxes. These solutions are both stylish and practical, allowing you to categorize toys by theme or color. And for an even more trendy look, go for Liewood storage systems. With their sleek Scandinavian style, they are as pleasing to the eye as they are to use.

Our top pick goes to the sturdy cardboard storage boxes from Ferm Living. Available in two sizes, they feature clean Scandinavian design, perfect for a modern and minimalist interior. And they are stackable!

ferm living storage box

As for the metal storage boxes from Kidsdepot, they offer a slightly more retro look with their ultra cute colors. They bring a touch of nostalgia while being incredibly functional.

Finally, Liewood storage systems are timeless classics. You can choose from a variety of sizes, with or without lids, and even decide on a color theme – pink for small cars, beige for crafts, brown for dolls... These boxes make organizing fun and colorful while keeping the room impeccably organized.

liewood storage box

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8 | A small trash bin: a detail that makes a difference

In your little one's desk corner, don't forget the trash bin! For the pragmatic, the Sigrid trash bin from Liewood is ideal. And for those seeking elegance, opt for the pear-shaped basket from Ferm Living. It discreetly hides small trash while being an adorable decorative item.

liewood trash bin

By following these tips, your home will remain a haven of peace and style, even amidst the joyful chaos of family life. With The Little Zebra, turning your living space into a chic and organized haven is child's play!