The magical world of miniature dolls ❤


Welcome to the magical kingdom of The Little Zebra, where ultra-cute meets stylish, and where every corner houses treasures as trendy as they are cute . Let's dive into this world of exquisite dolls, showcasing incredible dollhouses, irresistible accessories, and dolls that will make your heart skip a beat. Explore, create, and live the enchantment with The Little Zebra :-)

Maileg mouse and miniature house

Maileg, FABELAB, Liewood, Lorena Canals, Little Dutch... What dimensions?

At The Little Zebra, our dolls become the heroines of a miniature world that you create with your overflowing imagination! Here's an overview of the dimensions of our adorable companions...

Plan Toys dollhouse

1 | Plush dolls for cuddles & strolls :-)

Bring adventures to life with the exceptional creations of Liewood, Moulin Roty, Bloomingville, and Little Dutch. These slightly larger dolls add a distinctive touch to your collection, combining sophisticated design with charming details...

  • Dolls from Moulin Roty (Il était une fois & Les Parisiennes): between 39 cm and 45 cm.
  • Dolls from Bloomingville: 38 cm tall.
  • Dolls from Little Dutch: 35 cm tall, the perfect size for an elegant presence.
  • Dolls from Liewood: 30 cm tall, a perfect combo of style and portability.

Lorena Canals doll

2 | Miniature versions of dolls for endless stories ❤

For miniature enthusiasts, dive into the enchanting world of Lorena Canals, FABELAB, and Maileg. Their small sizes only add to their charm, creating a must-have for collectors seeking elegant details.

  • Dolls from Lorena Canals: 20 cm tall.
  • FABELAB Pocket Friends: 14 cm tall.
  • Maileg mice: between 8 cm (baby) and 15 cm (grandparents).
  • Maileg rabbits: 13 cm (Micro Bunnies), 16 cm (Micro Rabbits), & 11 cm (Rabbits MY).

FABELAB pocket friends

What to do with a Maileg dollhouse?

Imagine yourself in a miniature world where Maileg mice are busy in a wooden dollhouse, brightened up with cute and stylish accessories. This miniature house becomes the living space for these little creatures, with a well-equipped Maileg kitchen, a comfortable Maileg armchair, and even a Maileg fireplace for cozy evenings. And let's not forget the Maileg washing machine, so our adorable mice always stay impeccable. With Maileg, every detail matters, transforming a simple dollhouse into an ultra-trendy must-have.

Maileg mouse and miniature house


A true delight! As for the Maileg rabbits, these adorable creatures complete your collection, offering a variety of characters for endless adventures in their homes and beyond :-)

Maileg rabbits and dollhouse

Discover the world of Maileg Bunnies & Rabbits >

More in the mood for a baby doll? Konges Slojd has everything you need!

If your heart leans more towards baby dolls, immerse yourself in the enchanted universe of Konges Slojd, where each accessory is crafted with the utmost care. Because at Konges Slojd, the doll accessory is not just an object but a statement of style and refinement. Imagine your little one proudly strolling their doll in an elegantly unparalleled doll pram, attracting admiring looks from everyone :-)

Konges Slojd doll

The Konges Slojd doll accessories are designed to accompany them with class on every adventure, whether it's a sweet sleep in a cozy pram or a stylish outing with a sophisticated stroller. Discover pure elegance, where refinement blends with innocence, creating an irresistible combo for budding aesthetes.

The ultimate personal touch

Each doll and each dollhouse has a story to tell! Create your own magical world with our ultra-stylish dolls and accessories. Whether it's the epic adventures of Maileg mice, cuddles with Little Dutch dolls, or stylish strolls with Konges Slojd doll prams, we have everything you need to make your universe unique and memorable. With these varied dimensions, each doll becomes an essential piece of a creative puzzle, allowing you to imagine and build a blissful little life in The Little Zebra's dollhouses. Let yourself be transported into this miniature world where every detail matters and stories come to life under your creative fingers...