The Little Zebra's guide to teen room decor


Welcome to the exciting world of teen bedroom decoration! At The Little Zebra, we understand the importance of providing teens with a space that reflects their style while being modern and comfortable. In this article, we'll guide you through the essential steps to arrange and decorate a teenager's room, whether it's a girl's room or a boy's room. Discover our tips and our selection of decor items for the room that will turn your teen's room into a cozy haven...

How to arrange a teen's room?

Arranging a teenager's room is a crucial step to create a functional and harmonious space. Start by choosing furniture with neutral colors and resilient materials, such as wood. At The Little Zebra, we love wooden furniture for its durability and timeless aesthetic. For example, a wooden desk is an ideal choice for a comfortable workspace.

decorated teen room

Dreamy nights with the perfect bed ;-)

The bed is the centerpiece of the teen's room, and we have a preference for upholstered beds from Ikea. They combine modern style and optimal comfort for dreamy nights. To complete this cozy atmosphere, opt for single bed duvet covers from CamCam Copenhagen. Add some cushions and a small quilted blanket, and you're all set.

Wall decorations: liven up the walls!

To add a touch of personality to your teen's room, wall decorations are essential. Posters, paintings, storage shelves... anything goes! At The Little Zebra, we have a soft spot for the geometric wall decorations from MinMin Copenhagen. They bring a modern and trendy touch to your teen's room.

Cozy room: softness underfoot with a rug

A floor rug is an essential decorative element for a teen's room. It adds warmth and comfort, whether near the bed or under the desk chair. The Little Zebra's choice is a washable wool rug from Lorena Canals. Practical and aesthetic, it's easy to maintain and suits all room styles.

washable wool rug

Choose your favorite washable rug from Lorena Canals >

What's the best color for a teen's room?

The choice of wall colors is crucial. Opt for light and neutral tones to create a soothing ambiance. If your teen desires more character, dare to use wallpaper. The Little Zebra offers wallpapers from Lilipinso or Ferm Living that will appeal to the creative minds of your teens.

teen room decoration

And here's our additional tip: add a mirror to visually enlarge the room. Our favorite? The Aura rattan mirror from Childhome

teen room decoration

How to keep your teen's room tidy?

Maintaining a clean and organized teen's room is a challenge, but it's also the key to creating a pleasant space. Yes, organization is essential...

Linens and small items: the art of storage baskets

Opt for storage baskets to keep linens and small items well-organized. At The Little Zebra, we have an incredible selection: padded basket from Liewood, rattan basket from Ferm Living or Bloomingville for linens, cotton storage basket from Nobodinoz, small fabric baskets from Kidsdepot for small items... You'll love the organized and stylish effect they bring to the room.

decorated teen room

A well-organized desk: a clear mind!

An organized desk area is essential to foster your teenager's concentration and productivity. To create a workspace conducive to academic success and creativity, consider choosing a functional and well-equipped desk. By investing in an organized desk, you help your teenager develop good work habits and stay organized, which can have a positive impact on academic performance and creativity. A tidy desk equals a clear mind, ready to face any challenges that come their way!

keeping a tidy desk

A well-thought-out nightstand

The nightstand is often where objects accumulate. To avoid spreading clutter throughout the year, The Little Zebra suggests the small pear-shaped rattan basket from Ferm Living, perfect for placing a small garbage bag so that your teen doesn't leave trash lying around the bed. A bedside lamp can also inspire getting under the sheets and reading. Our favorite when it comes to bedside lamps... The Kasa lamp from OYOY in caramel ♡.

How to enhance your teen's room?

  1. Opt for wooden furniture in neutral colors and resistant materials to create a solid foundation.
  2. Choose a comfortable and elegant bed that suits your teen's style.
  3. Brighten up the walls with wall decorations that reflect your teenager's personality.
  4. Add a soft floor rug for more comfort and warmth.
  5. Select light colors or dare to use wallpaper for a touch of originality.
  6. Integrate a mirror to visually enlarge the space.
  7. Use storage baskets to keep linens and small items well-organized.
  8. Create a functional workspace with a well-organized and tidy desk.
  9. Opt for a practical nightstand to avoid clutter.

By following these tips, you can enhance your teen's room and turn it into a space that perfectly reflects them ;-)

decorated teen room

Decorating and arranging a teenager's room can be a real pleasure. At The Little Zebra, we accompany you on this exciting adventure by offering a carefully curated selection of decor items for the adolescent room. We hope this article has inspired you and given you ideas to create a modern, functional, and comfortable space for your teenager ;-) Don't forget to consider their personal tastes and let them express their creativity in the decoration of their room. Happy decorating!