Play&Go, let’s go playing!

Stepping on your kids’s favourite action figure after showering or comforting a crying child because a toy has disappeared... Sounds familiar? We all know the feeling. The solution is  simple and effective, and it's lots of fun: the Play&Go storage bag!A 2-in-1 toy storage bag that doubles as a play mat is every child's dream. Dolls, cars, balls and blocks can all be swiftly cleared away with one swing. Its portable, hard wearing design also makes it the perfect sack for the beach, the park, holidays or trips to visit grandparents.The 2-in-1 Play&Go toy storage bag and play mat is the Belgians brand’s first big success. This practical bag is ideal for kids and parents as it encourages play at home or away. The Play & Go bag also makes it easy to transport toys and to tidy them away. Every bag is made from durable canvas and available in different colours and prints.Choose your Play&Go storage bag at The Little Zebra and... let's go playing![oqeygallery id=29]