planting ideas, growing minds

Seedling, a New Zealand company want to give the children the oportunity to discover their own world and themselves. There is a natural instinct in every child to engage, try out, be inventive and to ask questions. The Seedling products treasure this spirit and plant the seeds for growing ideas and the passion for creativity. You won't find the typical workshops like, drawing by numbers but this company rather provides the tools and templates in order to give children the chance to use their own imagination and realise their own ideas.What are you waiting for? Try it and never forget: It is not the result that matters but the experience to get there, that is the most precious gift for your young ones.The Seedling products are invented designed and made in New Zealand and combine a great variety of skills like drawing, gardening, craftmanship, science, painting, building and so much more. Allways with this nice touch of the good old days where kids were allowed to work with real tools and materials that give them the sense of mastery and achievement whilst digging their teeth into and having fun engaging with adults.All kits are handmade with care and composed by the Seedling team with an extra attention for each detail.The part of the kits are collected from all over the world, with a strong eye on recycled or sustainable materials for the contents and the packaging.[oqeygallery id=16]