Peppa: handmade in fair trade!

Do you know Peppa? Peppa is a unique collection of handmade cuddle dolls made in natural materials. The toy heads are filled with lambswool, a natural product which absorbs scents quickly: mom’s and dad’s scent, the scent of home and all things the baby feels safe and secure with. Furthermore, all Peppa toys are manufactured in fair trade, making sure that all workers are guaranteed a fair wage.Handmade in fair trade Belgian toy and baby products importer Babylonia is the creative brain behind Peppa. Twelve years ago Babylonia decided to cooperate with a fair trade studio in India, where professional doll makers thought women form the slums how to create dolls with natural materials. Not an easy task, since making dolls is real profession.Babylonia didn’t only choose to manufacture fair trade, the cuddle dolls are also made of 100% locally produced materials so that the entire local economy can benefit.A dolls with mom’s and dad’s scent Peppa dolls have a very special quality: their heads are filled with lambswool. This natural material absorbs scents, which has a calming and reassuring effect on newborns and babies. Very soon, the doll starts to smell like home, mom and dad and everything familiar to the child. In this way, Peppa dolls are the perfect cuddle toys and companions on your baby’s first adventures!Are you curious about this one of a kind doll collection? Shop Peppa here![oqeygallery id=22]