Our 10 prettiest unisex costumes!


From the magic of dinosaurs to cosmic adventures, including timeless classics like cowboys and detectives, our selection of the top 10 cutest unisex costumes is a true festival of creativity. Each costume is a world to explore, a story to tell, and we are here to guide you on this fabulous journey into the heart of imagination.

1 | A dino costume that's top-notch, it's Great Pretenders dino!

Step into the prehistoric era with the Great Pretenders dino cape, available in triceratops and dark green dilophosaurus. This cape is the perfect combination of style and comfort. With its matching claws, your child will instantly transform into a formidable dinosaur, ready to explore Jurassic worlds.

Great Pretenders dino costume cape

2 | The police officer & policewoman costume from Souza for Kids

The police officer and policewoman costume from Souza for Kids, available here, is a timeless classic. This costume allows children to play everyday heroes, embodying order and justice with style and fun. It's a must-have for little ones who dream of becoming peacekeepers.

police officer costume

3 | A pirate costume for girls & boys: Great Pretenders or Meri Meri?

For little adventurers, discover the pirate costume for girls and boys from Great Pretenders or Meri Meri. These complete sets are perfect for stories of hidden treasures and mysterious ships, offering hours of imaginative play.

pirate costume

4 | A superhero cape from Souza for Kids or a superheroine cape from Great Pretenders :-)

For budding superheroes, Souza for Kids offers a reversible superhero cape (also available in black). For superheroines, Great Pretenders offers a pink and navy cape. These capes are the perfect accessory to come to the world's rescue.

superhero girl costume

5 | The dragon costume cape from Souza for Kids

Transform your child into a mythical creature with the blue dragon cape (or black) from Souza for Kids. These beautifully designed capes are perfect for fantastic adventures and epic stories.

6 | Let's add some magic with a wizard costume or witch costume!

Dive into a world of spells with the wizard cape from Great Pretenders, reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe. For a more colorful touch, discover the velvet wizard costumes from Meri Meri, in pink or blue.

wizard costume and witch costume

7 | Off to space with... the astronaut costume from Great Pretenders!

The astronaut costume from Great Pretenders is perfect for young space explorers. With this costume, they can dream of interstellar journeys and extraordinary discoveries.

astronaut costume

8 | An animal costume cape from Wild & Soft: for an instant transformation!

The animal costume capes from Wild & Soft are unique. Choose between the giraffe cape, the polar bear cape, or the lobster cape. These capes also transform into carpets, offering double fun.

Wild and Soft costume cape

9 | Let's become a cowboy or a cowgirl!

With Souza for Kids, your children can immerse themselves in the Wild West with the cowboy costume for girls and boys. The Chuck costume is a true tribute to the world of cowboys, combining authenticity and style.

10 | A lovely Indian costume... with an Indian headdress!

The Indian costume from Souza for Kids, in boy's version and girl's dress, is complemented by a beautiful headdress. These costumes are perfect for immersing yourself in Native American culture.

Indian costume

These 10 unisex costumes from The Little Zebra open doors to imaginary worlds where every child can express their unique personality. At The Little Zebra, we believe that every child deserves to experience extraordinary adventures and create unforgettable memories. Carnival is the perfect opportunity for that. So, let yourself be carried away by the magic, choose the perfect costume, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!