on the move

The schoolbel is ringing! The first day to school can be a hard one for the little ones. Everything will be just fine if Walter or Liz come with you. This season Lilliputiens lounched a range of new schoolbags in two sizes. A5 and A4. Handy, easily washable Liz and Walter are ready to do the first stap through the schoolgate with you. There are so many new things to discover, they just can't get enough of it.On a little trip out? A simple day trip or a weekend out can easily turn into a big movement. This is why Lilliputiens expanded thier ' on the move' collection with handy nursery bags with Liz and Walter, offering enough space for all the baby thingies you need. For the older ones who are able to carry their own stuff there are some new trolleys or backpacks, that keep clothes and of course the favorite toys and teddies safe and dry.Enjoy your trip out to school, the weekend by the sea, a sleep-over ...with the 'one the move' collection by Lilliputiens!