New! The little zebra wishlist share app!

We would like to introduce our newest facebook-app: The Wishlist Share! Don’t you feel like sharing your shopping wishlist with all your friends! You can do this now with the new little zebra FB app. Let your friends know wich gifts you've been longing for. Use the Wishlist Share App to publish the wishlist you've created on with one mouseclick on your facebook wall.How? First log on to ( see nr 1 on the screenshot) than ( after adding some products to your wishlist) open the wishlist (2). At the bottom of the page click on “share your wish on facebook”, approve and your list will appear on your FB-wall.**Hint, hint** With one mouseclick your friends will discover what great stuff you dream of. As a gift for you or your children or maybe just as a nice surprise! Checkit out and test the App