miniséri: retro-tradi-trendy accessories

Inspired by the schooldays from the Fifties to the Seventies Céline Basset-Biagi rediscovered one specific childhood memory: the oldfashioned schoolbag with its metal buckles. And so she started the brand Miniséri. Miniséri is the first brand to turn a reissue of a schoolbag into a timeless accessory.The Miniséri satchel is available in various sizes and original versions reffering to the trends of the moment, sometimes daring in its choice of materials and special colours. Each item is made with care and in limited edition, branded by the Miniséri logo on the metal buckles. The satchels can be worn as a shoulderbag and a backbag alike due to their unique ' strap & go ' system, invented by Minisérie itself.Initially intended for children the bags turned in their homeland France quickly into a fashion accessory for grown-ups. Meanwhile Miniséri is constantly expanding the collection inspired by vintage and timeless styles: satchels, suitcases, handbags, purses and small leather items....all in luxurious and stylish designs.[oqeygallery id=15]