live life with music

Meet Lulu & Pax! Enchanting celebrities and modern parents alike, these bold quirky creatures from Canadian based WOON, are inspired by current runway fashion trends and fabrications. With attention-grabbing designs and a hint of British eccentricity – WOON dolls are the ultimate statement piece. With built-in speakers and an MP3 port safely tucked away inside, parents can download their favorite tunes from Bach to Rock, lullaby renditions of The Beatles, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones & more…and nourish the spirit with cool music. Perfect for strolls, playtime and bedtime rituals – you’ll never have to endure another endless loop of “Twinkle Twinkle” again! WOON dolls easily fasten onto any stroller, crib, car seat, diaper tote or school bag — and are quickly taking over prams, playgrounds and (ahem) college dorm rooms across the globe.As the universal language, music has been proven to help with the development of children. As an added bonus, it helps them drift away to dreamland at sleepy time and lifts their spirits at playtime. And so, WOON has created the ultimate companion to enrich the lifestyle of today’s modern parents and children alike: designer iDolls.WOON means LIVE…and in our world kids are encouraged to: Live to love. Love to live. Dare to dream. Make a difference. Change the world.[oqeygallery id=9]