Little kitty for little babies

The Danish label BLAFRE proudly introduces the new collection in new extra soft jersey cotton. All items in this collection have an adorable 'kitty' print. These little kitties decorate the new baby collection: bibs, bed linen, baby blankets, sleeping bags and pajamas/rompers.

The little kitties have certainly found their way to the BLAFRE family! They have shiny fur and are stylish in their own way, with bows on their head or around the neck. At the same time they are full of mischief, and are often seen with milky moustaches.P.S.: Did you know that cats can make over 100 different vocal sounds, while dogs can only make 10? And that they have glowing eyes and see just as well at night? If they can manage to keep them open that is, a housecat sleeps as much as 16 hours a day!Charmed by this little kitty? Shop the BLAFRE collection here!