Learn to swim with Freds Swim Academy

Going on a beach vacation? To the swimming pool? The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is a an indispensable swimming aid for babies and children! The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” gives children the necessary sense of achievement and security in the water during every stage of their development. This forms the basis for being successful at learning how to swim. With fun, children will develop a positive life long relationship with the water.The specially patented and designed swimming aids by Freds Swim Academy are introduced according to the child's age and learning ability (red, orange and yellow). The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is used for babies to support their early development. Later the SWIMTRAINER will help the child to achieve a perfect swimming style.  The SWIMTRAINER offers children :
  • ideal swimming position in the water
  • inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
  • adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards
Lots of fun, safely! – Fred Swim Academy[oqeygallery id=38]