Rice is the place to be for your trendy kitchen! Every season Danish brand Rice works around a catchy slogan. The new winter collection 2014/15 is wrapped around the banging phrase: JUST BE AWESOME! A note to self and a shout out to your loved ones!With this awesome oneliner in mind the Rice designers went to Aero, a small Danish island, to find inspiration. Wooden door ornaments, beautiful colour mixes on old houses, symbols and flea markets... the local culture became the source of inspiration for this season's colours and prints.Elegant beige, pretty coral, vintage birds and cheerful polka dots make their way thourgh this collection. Moms can get creative in their kitchen with hip must-haves, such as the cool sandwich cutter, the colourful rolling pin or funny cake decoration for their homemade cookies and pies.Besides that, the Just be awesome melamine tableware is available in different colours and patterns, that fit in all trendy kitchen and are perfect for hip parties.Of course, Rice didn’t forget the little ones in this collection. The lunchboxes and the children’s melamine dishes are covered in retro numbers and ballet dancers. Your little mathematician and your little dancer can combine and complete their own dish set.Check out the entire fall/winter collection here and… JUST BE AWESOME! [oqeygallery id=21]