How to host a Halloween Party? Our ideas!


The Little Zebra is determined to make Halloween even more stylish and memorable this year as the Halloween night approaches, promising chills, treats, and above all... an ultra-fun evening! Just imagine: streets shrouded in an eerie atmosphere, kids all excited about collecting candies, and houses adorned in the festival's colors. Light up your jack-o'-lanterns because it's going to be FANTASTIC!

Step One: Choose Your Halloween Costume

As you've probably guessed, Halloween is all about costumes. And what a pleasure it is to search for THE costume that will steal the show! For an ultra-stylish look, consider a velvet witch costume in pink or blue from Meri Meri. For little aspiring knights, the Souza for Kids costume will be perfect! Looking for something out of the ordinary? Opt for an animal cape from your child's favorite animal by Wild & Soft or a dinosaur costume from Great Pretenders. Ultra cute, isn't it?

Meri Meri witch costume

But that's not all! The Little Zebra is delighted to introduce you to the costumes from the new brand Den Goda Fen. Yes, we never do things halfway here ;-) Discover the velvet magician costume for a mystical look or a cute little lion cape for baby for the most adorable roars!

Den Goda Fen kids costumes

Step Two: Let's Get into Halloween Makeup!

After choosing the costume that suits your style, it's time for makeup to turn a simple costume into a true work of art. Thrills guaranteed!

1 | Easy Halloween Makeup: Ideas from The Little Zebra :-)

Temporary tattoos are the superstars of easy makeup. Why? Because they're fun, easy to apply and remove, and super trendy. Go for temporary tattoos from Meri Meri with an Halloween theme or from DJECO to dive into your child's favorite universe: dinosaurs, unicorns, space... And for the little ones? The tattoos from My Little Day are perfect and ultra cute!

witch costumes and hats with makeup

2 | Halloween Makeup Ideas: For Even More Fun!

Halloween makeup doesn't have to be complicated to be successful. Here are some easy ideas (find them in French here >):

  1. The Little Ghost: use white eyeshadow to color the child's entire face. Then, with black eyeshadow, draw two large circles around the eyes and an open mouth. Ultra simple and cute!

  2. The Cute Pumpkin: use orange eyeshadow for the face and black eyeshadow to draw typical pumpkin features. Don't forget the little green leaves on the forehead!

  3. The Black Cat: a light beige base and black details for whiskers, nose, and eyes will suffice. Add some glitter for an even more stylish look!

The date is approaching... So, what are we going to do for Halloween activities?

It's that time of the year! The streets are starting to fill with glowing pumpkins, spiders are weaving their decorative webs in homes, and the scent of candies is in the air. Wondering how to spice up this festive season for your kids? Look no further! The Little Zebra is here to turn Halloween into a fun, stylish, and ultra-cool adventure. Hold on tight because we have plenty of great ideas for you!

1 | Let's Get Started with Halloween Drawings!

First, let's bring Halloween to life with colors! Imagine a world where ghosts, witches, and monsters come to life under your children's pencils. Exciting, right? And for that, we have just what you need. Dive into our super PDF filled with Halloween drawings to color. And with the super cool markers and pens from Tiger Tribe, or the vibrant colored pencils from DJECO, your little artists will be ready to create frighteningly cute masterpieces. So, ready for an explosion of colors?

child coloring

2 | How about Some Halloween Crafts? With a Pretty Halloween Pumpkin!

Do your kids love crafting? Great! Here's a funky activity to create a Halloween pumpkin without even getting your hands dirty: the egg carton pumpkin!

  1. Cut out a row of three compartments from an egg carton.

  2. Paint the compartments orange. Let them dry.

  3. Add a scary face with a black marker. Crooked smiles, spiral eyes, anything goes!

  4. Make a small hole on each side and add a piece of string to create a little handle.

There you go, an original and eco-friendly decoration! This lovely idea comes from here >.

Halloween pumpkin craft

3 | For Halloween, We Can Also Watch a Family Movie :-)

Chills, joy, magic, and... popcorn! Halloween is the perfect occasion for a family movie night. Yes, indeed! Amidst the candies and jokes, we take a stylish break in front of the screen. And the coolest part of it all? You don't need to search for hours for the perfect movie. The Little Zebra has already done the work for you. So, get comfy, light up your pumpkin lights, and get ready for some ultra-fun moments!

  1. Coco (2017 – available on Disney+): Miguel, a young boy passionate about music, finds himself in the Land of the Dead. A colorful adventure where he discovers the importance of memories and family.

  2. Coraline (2009 – available on Netflix): Coraline discovers a parallel world where everything seems perfect. But behind this perfection hides a dark secret.

  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993 – available on Disney+): Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, wants to bring the joy of Christmas to Halloween Town. The result? A delightful mess!

  4. Hotel Transylvania (2012 – available on Amazon Prime): Dracula owns a hidden hotel where monsters come to relax away from humans. But what happens when a human discovers this secret retreat?

The Cherry on Top: Our Halloween Recipe of the Year ;-)

Who said Halloween was only about getting scared? At The Little Zebra, we also think about indulging ourselves. And for that, nothing beats chocolate cupcakes! Here's THE super simple and fun recipe for devilish cupcakes:

  1. Preparation: Preheat your oven to 180°C.

  2. Mix: In a bowl, mix 150g of sugar, 3 eggs, 150g of melted butter, 3 tablespoons of milk, and 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.

  3. Chocolate: Add 100g of melted chocolate and 150g of flour. Mix well until you get a smooth batter.

  4. Baking: Fill your cupcake molds three-quarters full and bake for 20 minutes.

  5. Decoration: Once cooled, decorate your cupcakes as you like. And for an ultra-stylish look, consider Meri Meri's cupcake kits.

Find the full recipe in French right here >.

Meri Meri's Halloween cupcake kits

Halloween is more than just candies and costumes. It's a moment of sharing, laughter, discovery, and indulgence. With these costumes, makeup ideas, cool drawings, these movies, and this recipe, you're all set for a memorable celebration. The Little Zebra wishes you a super fun, stylish, and delicious Halloween! :-)