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The Little Zebra, it's a bit of a reference when it comes to baby pacifiers and soothers. Our online store offers a whole range of different pacifiers for your baby: FRIGG, BIBS, Filibabba, Hevea Planet, Liewood, Natursutten...

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But... What is the best shape of pacifier for a baby? Why do babies need a pacifier? What type of pacifier should you give to your child? Is it good to give a pacifier? What is the most suitable shape for your little one? Are there any drawbacks to pacifiers? So many interesting questions, but not so simple to answer!

pacifiers and soothers for baby FRIGG

Why do babies need a pacifier?

1 | Sucking reflex: comfort & soothing for baby

From birth, babies, whether they are breastfed or not, all have a sucking reflex: sucking (or suckling) helps them calm down and feel comforted. A pacifier can satisfy this need when they are not fed by bottle or breast.

pacifiers and soothers for baby FRIGG

2 | Pacifier rhythm: soothing pains (especially teething!) & sleep

Moreover, the rhythm created by the pacifier can have a calming effect on your baby, helping them relax and feel happier. The pacifier can help divert their attention from discomfort or pain, for example, when teething. A pacifier (FRIGG, BIBS, Hevea Planet...) or a teething toy becomes a must-have for your little heart...

pacifiers and soothers for baby FRIGG

Finally, pacifiers are also highly effective in helping your child fall asleep and stay asleep. The pacifier's movement can help soothe and lull them into a state of sleep, which can be particularly useful for fussy babies, colicky ones, or those simply teething...

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3 | Pacifier: weaning from breastfeeding or bottle

Pacifiers can be used to help your baby transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to other forms of soothing or self-comfort as they grow. Opt for a pacifier type that closely resembles the texture of mom's skin...

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What age is suitable for giving a pacifier?

Even though babies look ultra cute with a lovely pacifier FRIGG in their mouths, pacifiers are not essential, and some children do not get used to them. However, it is essential to ensure not to give the pacifier to your baby for too long. Pacifier weaning typically occurs between 6 and 12 months to avoid potential drawbacks: possible dental and speech problems. It is preferable to stop completely before the child reaches the age of 2. Just so you know ;-)

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A good pacifier from FRIGG: the best pacifier for baby :-)

At The Little Zebra, the Scandinavian brand FRIGG is one of our most beloved pacifier brands! The FRIGG pacifiers/soothers are known for their modern and minimalist design and are made from high-quality materials.

pacifiers and soothers FRIGG

The FRIGG pacifiers are renowned for their safety features, such as ventilation holes that prevent skin irritation and the risk of choking, and they comply with safety standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the European Union (EU).

pacifiers and soothers FRIGG

With FRIGG, choose an adapted & elegant type of pacifier!

FRIGG pacifiers are highly appreciated by parents who prefer an elegant and functional pacifier for their baby.

Discover FRIGG's pacifiers: reliable and safe options >!

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The most suitable shape of pacifier for baby: up to you...

Many parents have asked us the question: are round pacifiers good for a baby's development? In fact, no scientific study proves that this pacifier shape causes any malformations or drawbacks. The medical community agrees that choosing a specific type of pacifier is primarily a personal preference.

pacifiers and soothers for baby FRIGG

To choose the most suitable pacifier for your baby, it is essential to consider your baby's preferences, age, developmental stage, and any specific needs or considerations, such as allergies...

pacifiers and soothers FRIGG

Regardless of the type of pacifier, also opt for a Mushie pacifier holder!

What is certain is that your baby's pacifiers must be clean and sterilized! To make this condition easier, our lovely brand Mushie offers a range of ultra-stylish silicone pacifier holders and pacifier clips :-) The Mushie pacifier holders and clips are inseparable from FRIGG pacifiers...

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