For Carnival, I can dress up as...


Carnival, that magical time of the year where everything is allowed, where fantasy comes to life, and where the streets fill with colors and joy! At The Little Zebra, we are super excited to present to you our fabulous costumes for celebrating Carnival. Adorable and stylish costumes for girls and boys, trendy accessories that will transform your little ones into true stars of the Carnival. Get ready to discover costumes that are absolute must-haves for this festive season!

First... Why do we dress up at Carnival?

The Carnival, this ancient and vibrant tradition, has a fascinating history. It's a festival of freedom, where social norms are reversed and everyone can freely express themselves through extravagant costumes. The goal? To take a break from everyday life, to laugh, dance, and of course, to dress up! Why? To escape our daily identity for a moment, to play, to dream. It's a unique opportunity for both young and old to become whoever they want, even if just for a day. And at The Little Zebra, we firmly believe in the magic of this transformation!

Carnival costumes for girls & Carnival costumes for boys: our unisex choices!

Carnival is the perfect time to transform into bold and adventurous characters. At The Little Zebra, we have everything you need to make these dreams come true! For little fans of the Wild West, check out our cowgirl and cowboy costumes, crafted by Souza for Kids. These costumes embody the spirit of adventure and style, perfect for your budding cowboys and cowgirls.

cowboy costume

And for those dreaming of sailing the seas, our pirate girl costume and pirate boy costume are must-haves. We offer two fabulous options: the Meri Meri costume, perfect for seven-seas explorers, and the Great Pretenders costume, for an adventure in search of hidden treasures.

pirate boy costume and pirate girl costume

For the everyday young heroes, we've thought of everything with the police officer costume from Souza for Kids. This costume, available in both police boy and police girl versions, inspires courage and adventure, allowing children to play their role as protectors with style and pride.

police girl costume and police boy costume

By choosing from these costumes, you are sure to find the perfect outfit that will light up your children's eyes and make their Carnival unforgettable!

Our Carnival costumes: be sure to have the best Carnival costume!

At The Little Zebra, we know that the best Carnival costume is the one that makes our children's eyes sparkle. That's why we've selected a range of costumes that will not fail to amaze and inspire. From timeless classics to trendy new arrivals, our costumes are more than just outfits; they are invitations to imagination and joy ;-) Here are the 6 favorite costumes of all parents at The Little Zebra! We see that you are fans of Great Pretenders...

1 | The Little Red Riding Hood costume from Great Pretenders

Enter the fairy-tale world with the Little Red Riding Hood costume from Great Pretenders. This costume, with its iconic red cape and charming details, is perfect for budding little storytellers.

great pretenders costume

2 | The Woodland Deer dress-up from Great Pretenders

For nature lovers, the Woodland Deer dress is a true masterpiece. With its delicate details and matching headband, this costume is a call to adventure in enchanted woods.

great pretenders costume

3 | The Tyrannosaurus slippers from Great Pretenders

Roar with delight with the Tyrannosaurus slippers from Great Pretenders. Perfect for little prehistoric explorers, these slippers add a fun touch to any dinosaur costume.

4 | The Wolf Cape from Great Pretenders

For a touch of mystery, opt for the Wolf Cape from Great Pretenders. This cape, with its meticulous details, is perfect for little adventurers who love captivating stories.

great pretenders cape

5 | The Golden Knight costume from Great Pretenders

For budding little knights, the Golden Knight costume from Great Pretenders is a must-have. This costume, with its shine and elegance, is ideal for epic battles and heroic quests.

great pretenders costume

6 | The Morris Knight Helmet from Souza for Kids

Complete your knight's attire with the Morris helmet from Souza for Kids. This helmet adds a realistic and authentic touch to any knight costume, for endless adventures.

Top style for Carnival 2024!

Carnival is the perfect time to let your creativity run wild! Why not organize a craft workshop to create masks and Carnival accessories? Or prepare a Carnival parade in your garden or living room, with a best costume competition? And don't forget the music and dancing, essential for creating a festive atmosphere. Carnival is also an opportunity to prepare delicious, colorful cakes and treats. Let your imagination speak and create unforgettable memories!