Environmentally friendly toys

Once upon a time five young designer mums were attentive about stimulating senses of the little ones in all safety, while respecting the environment. Filling children with wonder and encouraging creative play from birth onwards in complete safety was their credo. On top of that they wanted to improve the 'human ecology' through a range with even softer fabrics, while leaving a lighter ecological footprint. This was the challenge to which Lilliputiens was ready to rise! Ecodoux was born! This new line of Lilliputiens, made out of even softer fabrics, is at the same time hypoallergenic and more environmental friendly. By using only OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics, a control system which widely surpasses current tests, Ecodoux guarantees a collection that takes even more care of small children and the environment.The cardboard, as well as the wooden parts, carry the FSC-label. The Ecodoux packaging is minimised as much as possible, to reduce waste. This Ecodoux range is a first step into protecting the environment. Lilliputiens continuously searches for innovative materials and technologies, respecting human ecology and environment.Discover the new Lilliputiens friends, Clara and Tom, now at the little zebra!