Create your very own kids art gallery

We all know it:Your son or your daughter loves drawing and painting you don't want to spoil these little pieces of art by just pinning them on your fridge.You don't want to dissapoint the young artists but encourage them to let their creativity flow by giving them a very special place in the house.The frames by The Articulate Gallery make it very easy to display two and three dimensional works in an appropriat way.If you want you can replace them even on a daily base. No more tape or pins but a nice and neat frame on the wall.The frames are available in A4, Double A4, Tripple A4, and A3.In the UK they have been crowned with the  " Gift of the Year 2011 Award"The idea for these really simple picture frames came about as a result of mum Eona Craig’s frustration with ‘fridge door’ art.Simply sticking the masterpieces of our mini picassos onto kitchen appliances seemed inappropriate. Instead, she invented the frame to celebrate children’s creativity in a way that is fun as well as functional. [oqeygallery id=5]