Bring home the circus!


Life is a circus!

Certainly with this beautiful collection ecologic posters by Michelle Carlslund. Simply irresistible! Piece by piece they bring joy to every room in your house - yes yes: every room because you don't have to limit yourself to the nursery or kids room.

Michelle Carlslund is a young Copenhagen-based artist who does the most whimsy and adorable illustrations, we just couldn't resist! Michelle is always busy drawing something new. In her studio in the center of Copenhagen she creates her own world with her endless creativity. She tries to drawn what she feels and every illustration has a story.

Her studio was founded 7 years ago but the playful illustrations keep on coming. And now she welcomes us, young and old, into a world of circus nostalgia with happy cycling bearssweet loving elephants and funny acrobats.

Michelle gets inspired by everything around her. Her aim is to bring out some playfulness in us grown-ups leading our busy lives with jobs, responsibility and stress. Sometimes Michelle think it’s enough for an illustration to be pretty to look at, but more often she likes to have an edge to it. Or something a bit strange or odd. A feeling or a detail that makes you think again and perhaps imagine how the situation in the illustration ended up like it did.

Her designs come together in different ways, by cutting, using a bit of glue, drawing or painting... but there's one thing they all have together: the color palette, the imaginary universe and a good story! And the eyes of her characters are almost always closed - a signature that really began because Michelle found it hard to draw just the right kind of eyes!

pink bear poster michelle carlslund

gold foil posters michelle carlslund

Next to sweet for every interior, this collection is also sweet for the environment. Every poster from Michelle's circus collection is printed on sustainable stone paper. Stone paper is made of limestone and oil-based non-toxic binder called HDPE. The production of stone paper releases half as much carbon dioxide as conventional paper.

“I think there is almost too much stuff in the world already. If I am going to add more, the least I can do is to make it as sustainable as possible. It is tough, though. Being green is crazy expensive. But I have managed so far and will continue to do so as much as I possibly can.” - Michelle Carlslund.

Ecologische circus posters Michelle Carlslund

Are you going for the cycling bear, bold acrobats or will you take on the whole circus?

Take a look at the entire circus collection, we are pretty sure that you'll love them as much as we do!