An inflatable donut?

Keeping the credo "children deserve the very best" in mind, the lovely sisters Bolette and Louise founded bObles in 2006. Very quickly they came up with a series of multifunctional children’s furniture with the aim of developing children’s motorics while playing. And that all wrapped up in a fine Danish design coat. Making sure they’re offering a genuinely ergonomic piece of furniture, they work together with physiotherapist Louise Hærvig.Now bobles is introducing a new product in a completely new material: the Donut. This pretty piece of design, which is inflatable, helps enhancing your kid’s basic equilibrium. Whether they’re rocking, rolling, swinging or wiggling on the donut; every time your child will improve its balancing skills. By stacking different Donuts, your mini-me can even do the ultimate balance exercise. These cheerful designs Donuts, made ​​of elastic vinyl, come in blue, pink, jade, purple and gray and have a foam button in the middle.Discover this ergonomic colour fest here!