A loyal little dog at home!

KEK Amsterdam is crazy about dogs. Especially about little puppies! The puppy wall stickers collection contains baby dogs such as a Jack Russel, a  Labrador, a  Golden Retriever and even a teckel pup! The little dogs are available individually or in sets, as well as in XL size and as a growth chart. The almost lifelike wall stickers create an imaginative and playful atmosphere in the children’s room. A must-have for little dog fans!All KEK Amsterdam wall stickers are made from strong and highly qualitative matte vinylfoil. They are water resistant and easy to clean. Suited for hard and flat surfaces, like doors, windows and even walls.Due to the large assortment, some of the wall stickers are only available on special order with a delivery time of 3 weeks minimum. But these little puppies are definitely worth the wait!Discover all puppies here and get yourself a new little friend![oqeygallery id=34]