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In this renewed Zipper 2.0. backpack you can really take all the stuff from a laptop, over all your school stuff to your sports equipment. The brightly colored zipper of the front pocket boldly continues into the strap of the handles. A hip backpack in bright 80's shades is available in different uni colors and sizes. So there is something for everyone.

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CollectionZipper 2.0.

Cool large backpack Zipper 2.0. light blue is a sustainable choice as a backpack for everyone. This large backpack from ENGEL. is spacious, it can easily accommodate a laptop and other school or office supplies. Of course you can also take it to the sports field. On the side is a compartment for a drinking bottle. You will find an extra compartment on the inside. Both the large compartment and the front compartment can be closed with a zipper. The bag can be carried on the back, but also has handles. The straps are sturdy and easily adjustable in length. A name label is stitched on the inside with the text: Travel with joy. The good properties of plastic bottles are also effectively reflected in this bag collection: lightweight and waterproof! Good features for a (school) bag that you take everywhere. Material: rPET, recycled plastic bottles - water and dirt repellent coating - inside, shoulder straps and polyester handles Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 37 cm Recommended age: 6-99 years _ A bag is like friendship: you always need it. For this new collection, ENGEL. are inspired by the bright colors of the 80s. Striped bands and zippers with neon accents are also the result. In real life, the colors splash even more. And there is something for everyone .... toddler, toddler, toddler, teenager, adolescent, but also adults can shine with these new bags made from sustainable materials.

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It all started with a case full of coloured fabric scraps and an old sewing machine. Sabien Engelenburg made the first flag bunting for her eldest daughter’s birthday’ and it has been used every year since. There is also special bunting for her hubby and for her youngest child, because every party needs to have its own decorations. The ENGEL. range has since been extended to include lots of other exciting products. They are made in Dutch and foreign studios where the principles of sustainability and social entrepreneurship are embraced. The creative designers that ENGEL. works with empathise with these principles. Home is where the stars are and there happens to be a party too!
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