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    « Because playing is growing up ! » Once upon a time, there was a fabulous land, sketched by the laughter of children, where playing is so sweat, and imagination is queen. At Kidsley, we design beautiful fabric houses and their accessories so that kids may evade in a world shaped by their dreams and imagination. Children need this secret garden as an area of freedom: our fabric houses will harbor/nurture their dreams in a unique atmosphere, and their elegant design will delight their parents as well. Every single mum and dad was once a kid: let us close our eyes and remember our childhood dreams: « When I grow up, I want to be…

    children's playhouses are made of 100% cotton material of the very highest quality, with an easily assemblable aluminum frame. Numerous designs are embroidered and appliqued with care throughout the houses and giving them a real sense of style. With those lovely playhouses, children have a place just for them and in their size! They can play, develop their imagination, set up their toys, but also decorate their rooms.