Dress your doll What do you get when three women get together and come up with a project that combines all of their skills?
Lena De Swert and Els Van Houtven, mother and daughter, share two passions: their graphics company, which specialises in transfer printing on textiles, and the doll and toy museum De Kleine Wereld in Lier, where their wonderful collection of historical girls’ toys, the result of more than thirty years of dedicated collecting, is exhibited to the public at large.
Rosalinde Heerkens, with her company that develops patterns, has close links to fashion and the world of fashion in Belgium.Together They are Roos Productions, and have combined textile printing, dolls and fashion to come up with DressYourDoll: a unique and brand-new concept, developed with a great deal of love and enthusiasm for children who want to learn how to make (dolls’) clothes themselves.